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Star Games

Star Games is a blockchain based gaming ecosystem with more parts than that to feature platform users with tokens based on their performance. StarGames is the identical Player/Sponsor dynamo that is credited with making the rest of the pack benefit from juicy rewards (even if you're not everyone's player). This achievement can be “Sponsored” delivered to a player, targeting game selections with smart contracts automatically scattering 60/40. Staking and Farming services are available for additional name.
📣STARGAMES (STG) will be listed on pancakeswap very soon. With stronger steps day by day, the summit awaits us and our valuable StarGames investors.🚀
The StarGames ecosystem also has an NFT Marketplace with our proprietary NFT Auction system. Offering a wider range of games than any other crypto gaming platform, our loyal community regularly decides on future games as their vote is the final word.
/e-Sports integration /Stargames Launch /Voting platform launch /Official Mobile App Launch /System integration challenge.


Who are we?

Star Games CEO

Michael Kemily

Our CEO, Michael Kemily, is an IT Graduate from New York University.
Marketing And Advertising Manager

Frank Medrano

Blokchain And Desing Expert

Kevin Marco

Desing And Graphic Specialist

Steve Kopanis


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